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Johnson City Paternity DNA Testing, Immigration DNA Testing, Ancestral DNA Testing, and Surrogacy DNA Testing are all available at DNA Clinic. DNA Clinic can arrange DNA Testing collections in Johnson City. Furthermore, we have mobile DNA test collectors that can come right to your home.

If your DNA test results are needed for legal purposes (such as child support, child custody, or divorce hearings), we will arrange to have your DNA samples taken at our convenient Johnson City DNA testing locations or in any of the other Tennessee cities listed below.

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How Johnson City Paternity DNA Testing Works
  • Step 1: Place an order for a DNA Testing Service
    Place an order by calling our local Johnson City Paternity DNA Testing center at 800-476-5808. You can pay up front or a down payment to schedule an appointment.
  • Step 2: Schedule an Appointment with the Johnson City DNA Testing Center
    Based on your availability, we will select an appointment and confirm it with you. You can either choose to walk into our local Johnson City DNA Testing clinic, or have a mobile collector show come to your home.
  • Step 3: The DNA Testing Appointment Itself
    Either at our DNA Testing Center in Johnson City or at your home, our trained DNA Test collectors will obtain a sample of DNA by simply rubbing on the inside of the mouth with an item similar to a Q-top. The testing process is very quick. After a few minutes of paperwork, you will be well on your way as your DNA is packaged for processing.
  • Step 4: DNA Laboratory Processing
    Samples are overnight shipped from Johnson City to our testing facilities. Our lab technicians generate a "DNA Profile" for each person tested. The lab usually completes the testing within 3 days.
  • Step 5: Delivering DNA Testing Results
    As soon as the results are ready, we'll send you via email a lab certified PDF copy of the results. If any other party needs access to the results, we will email them as well. Many courts will accept an emailed version of the results; however hard copies are also available.
DNA Clinic is a trusted name for Paternity DNA Testing in Johnson City. We also have a large DNA Testing network to serve clients in most towns and cities across Tennessee. Our goal is to make your DNA Testing experience as convenient as possible for you. With a robust and helpful staff, we are able to schedule your DNA Test within 24 hours of receiving your call. Sometimes we can schedule appointments even faster. If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions, please call 800-476-5808 where our friendly staff is waiting to serve you.

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